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Monterey Navy Flying Club

1600 Airport Road
Monterey Regional Airport
Monterey, CA 93940
Ph. 831-372-7033


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Club Documents Available for Download

Instructions for submitting an application for MNFC membership:
After downloading and filling out the application, select the submit button and follow the directions given for either client, or internet email options. If submitting via internet email, make sure to carbon copy (c/c) the membership officer and the president so that they can track your application progress. Both of those email addresses can be found on the instructors/staff/BOD page under the BOD members.

Instructions for obtaining a MRY AoA ID badge and vehcile registration (parking) tag:
Ms. Analeece Julien is the person with whom to schedule an appointment with. The office address is:

200 Fred Kane Dr. Ste. 200 Monterey, CA 93940
(located in the east entrance of the Terminal Building on the same level as short term parking). Be sure to have your short term parking ticket validated during your appointment.

After filling out the AoA ID badge application (link below), email directly to Ms. Julien's office so that an appointment can be scheduled. You will need to obtain a signature from an MNFC official before your appointment. Your AoA ID badge and vehicle parking hang tag can be issued during the same appointment (bring a filled out Vehicle Registration application; under the one for ID badge). There is a cost for both the badge ($12) and the hanging vehicle parking tag ($8).

If you are up for renewal of your ID badge, be sure to make an appointment before the day your ID expires, or the gate will not open for you. There is also a charge for a renewed, or replaced AoA ID badge. The parking sticker expires on 31 DEC of the year issued.

Name PDF Version MS Word MS Excel
Application for Membership
(Note: The PDF is fill-able and setup to email to MNFC Mgr.)
Click Here N/A
Application for Airport Operating Area (AOA) ID Badge
(Note: Fill out all but signatures, then email to MRY Security.)
Click Here N/A N/A
Application for AOA Vehicle Registration Click Here N/A
Club Instructions
OPNAV 1710.10
[Navy Flying Club (NFC) Program]
Click Here N/A
BUPERS 1710.22
[Navy Flying Club (NFC) Program]
Click Here N/A
NSAMINST 1710.22
[Monterey NFC Bylaws (SOP)]
Click Here N/A
Hold Harmless agreement Click Here N/A
Club Exams
Annual Standardization Review Exam Click Here Click Here
Pre-solo Exam Click Here N/A
PA-28-161 Ground Review Exam Click Here N/A
T-34B Ground Review Exam Click Here Click Here


Note on checklist formatting:
Formatted in landscape mode, double column and are to be printed on both sides (duplex mode) for best results, then spilt each page in half, which can then be placed into standard 5" x 8" clear pockets, or just simply laminated. Minor edge trimming may be necessary to ensure each page fits in a clear pocket.

Opening a particular checklist and viewing may not make sense as to its pagination, or order, until the above procedure is performed.

Name PDF Version MS Word MS Excel
PA-28-161 Combined Click Here
PA-28-161 Normal N/A Click Here
PA-28-161 Emergency N/A Click Here
T-34B Combined Click Here
T-34B Normal N/A Click Here
T-34B Crosswind Charts Click Here N/A
T-34B Emergency N/A Click Here

T-34B NATOPS Flight Manual (25MB) Click Here N/A
T-34B FAA Approved Flight Manual Click Here N/A
T-34B (D45) Systems Familiarization Click Here N/A

PA-28-161 Warrior II POH Click Here N/A
C-172N POH Click Here N/A

Weight and Balance

Name PDF Version MS Word MS Excel
PA-28-161 N/A N/A Click Here
T-34B N/A N/A Click Here

Other Useful Documents Available for Download

Name PDF Version MS Word MS Excel
MNFC Record of Review Form Click Here Click Here
Flight Plan (FAA and Club Combined) Click Here Click Here
FAA Flight Plan (Form 7233) Click Here Click Here
X-CTRY Request Form Click Here N/A
Student Navigation Log Click Here N/A
Advanced Flight Navigation Log Click Here N/A Click Here
Piper AutoControl IIIB Manual Click Here N/A
Passenger Safety Briefing Guide Click Here N/A
Pilot's Guide KX 155 NAV/COMM Systems Click Here N/A
Pilot's Guide GPS III Pilot Click Here N/A
Pilot's Guide GPSMAP 295 Click Here N/A
Airport ATIS™ Click Here N/A
Local Monterey Flying Area Frequencies and Information Click Here N/A

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Last modified: March 05, 2020